You don’t have to throw the dice when choosing a person /company that is going to do work for you.

There are many little things that can add up to a big NO THANK YOU when choosing a company (person) to solve your carpet issues. The signs apply to any trade.  It is always a good choice to start in your own neighborhood but don’t be afraid to look elsewhere. If a service man doesn’t want to work in your area he would not be advertising there. I for example do many carpet stretching Troy Michigan jobs even though I live in Shelby Twp. Michigan.

In order to make an intuitive decision one must listen carefully, and not get distracted.

1. If you ask a question, listen carefully and hear your questions words repeated in the answer. For example: If you were to ask  the serviceman “Do you use a power stretcher“? The answer is not “We stretch your carpets nice and tight and guarantee our work” or “We’ve been doing this many years and have many satisfied customers”. The answer that you want to hear is “Yes we always use a power stretcher“, and if they want to add other things like they guarantee their work of course that is just fine.

2. Listen carefully to what the different servicemen tell you when giving you their estimate. Do they offer information to you or do they make you ask them about important techniques that you researched and know are necessary.

Actual On Job photo; Notice the two by four board in the background,

it has a piece of carpet attached to its face so no scratched walls

3.Do they offer techniques that attitude that show respect for you and your house? When giving an estimate if your shoes are off , do they offer to take theirs off?  Do they have special adaptations to tools that they use so as to provide extra protection to your walls or floors?

A two by four board with carpet on the side that braces against the wall when the power stretcher is used is just one of many special features that Cosentino Carpet has been offering to folks desiring carpet repair in Oakland, and the Metro Detroit area. Further articles will show other special tools and techniques unique to most consumers experiences with the purchase or repair of carpeting.


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