A first class carpet install and repair company will put their customers first. There should be no rush, rush, hurry up and get out of our way pressure from your chosen company. Good companies do exist.

Ask yourself are they polite?  Can you smell beer on their breath?  These are two deal breaker or getter signs.

What about shoes? Are they clean? Sometimes service people can wear booties over their shoes or work in their socks. If they can’t then they should at least have the courtesy to explain why.

Do they just slam things around, or drop their tool boxes on the floor? Do they do little things that show they care about your home? You can tell them to leave. It is your home.

Were they on time? If not, did they phone you and say they would be late?

Consider This Perspective- Give Respect

Actually I hear people all the time complain about how the cable people make them sit around all day and wait.    I am a service guy that gives my first customer an accurate appointment. My second or third customer  are told a starting time estimate of when I’ll finish my first job. I give  notice that I might be late unless they are willing to be my first job.  I call if I am running late. However, I have been stood up  by people many times despite how hard I try to not have them sit around all day waiting for me.  Please don’t treat me bad because others treat you bad.  Just thought I’d toss that thought in here.

Here are a couple of  true short stories of service people  that you would not want  in your home:

1. The ceramic tile man who worked his way out of the kitchen to the carpeted doorway in the hall.  His hands and knees were filthy and when he was done so was the customers carpet in the hall. It now had ground in  black stuff all over it ,and he never said a word about leaving it that way. That is how he was. Not very careful or respectful. The customer thought she could clean it out but it never all came out.  Because of the ugly carpet stain she asked me to replace the hall with extra carpet she saved. She was at least lucky that the hall was a short one.

2. How about the remolding company plumbers that had dirty shoes. The customer asked them if they had  shoe coverings that they could wear (booties) so when they came onto the carpet they would not soil it. They had them and said “Be glad to Miss”  That sounded promising.  Life is full of unusual results and this is a whopper.

These guys were real mental giants, or should I say ants.  They put their booties on and then walked outside in the dirt, and then inside across the carpet and into their work area, and then across the carpet, and outside, etc. without ever taking the booties off.

A Closing Thought

When you find a qualified and respectful service person my thoughts are that they are worth a little extra consideration.


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