(Has something like this ever happened on your carpet?)


Stains that a carpet cleaning company can not remove are a  carpet stain  repair companies , ” cup of tea” , so to speak.  Patching is a skill that sounds terrible but when done by an expert the results can be phenomenal.  A  large patch  can often be  almost invisible. Buy all new  carpet is not necessary , except maybe a small piece to replace a closet. Why  replace a closet? Closets are a good place to get perfectly matching carpet for the repair when there was no extra carpeting saved from the original install.

Thee materials  dye lot has to be a perfect match when doing patching to get the best results. The grain has to run in exactly the same direction. The hole that is cut around the stain has to be cut from its backside to allow the carpet edges to butt together perfectly. The piece that is cut to fit in the hole also has to be cut from its backside to make for a perfect fit. Below is an example of an actual burn repair that uses the same technique that a stain patch would use.

A tool called a “Hot Melt” iron is used in the above case to repair a household iron burn.  Hot melt tape is inserted under the seam joints and the hot iron melts the tape to the patch and main carpet body. This type of burn is more common than you might think. I once did 5 iron burn repairs in one apartment. However for this articles purpose imagine the burn is a stain.

In extremely large damaged areas such as can be caused by  pet stains, stretching the patch tight is necessary so that it doesn’t have wrinkles in it latter. This is a time consuming method because one seam has to dry before the other side can be stretched, then cut to fit, then  stay tacked, and finally seamed together.


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