When furniture gets in the way of projects in the home there is a nifty item called “furniture sliders” that can help make it easy to push out of the way.

The sliders are plates that are slick on the bottom side and have a pad on the top. They can be purchased at stores like Bed & Bath, Lowes, Home Depot. The cost for a variety sized 12 pack is about $15 dollars. I use this commercial size often when doing carpet repair Rochester Michigan   jobs because they have many homes with expensive and large furniture.

These are placed under each leg of a piece of furniture so it can be easily pushed out of the room.  Often larger furniture is left in the room and slid back and forth rather than disassembling it. The room can then be worked on one half at a time.

The best thing about the sliders is they are a “back saver”! The furniture does not have to be “picked up” to slip the sliders under its feet. It can simply be pushed (tilted) at an angle so that front or back feet can have the sliders put into position one side at a time.

These are handy items to have around your house for projects such as  painting the walls or any do it yourself task that requires moving furniture out of the way.


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