MAYBE NOT!    Carpeting can be re-stretched with some of the furniture left in the room.


Or how about stretching in a basement that has furniture.  It is certainly too much work to lug the furniture out to the garage unless there are unusual circumstances.  If there are no extra rooms then the furniture is moved from side to side. The room is done one half at a time. This technique  is slower but the job still gets done up to par.

A large bed in a bedroom, or entertainment center. However it is always best and easier for the  carpet repair man to have the furniture out of the room when it is cost efficient to do so.

Sometimes I can leave furniture like the computer desk area in the room and  slide my stretcher tubes under it. It depends on where the wrinkles are. I always try to keep things as uncomplicated as I can for my  customers.


And finally what about a flooded basement? Usually a lot of the furniture is tossed out. The rest once again has to be moved  back and forth and the cleaned carpet re-installed. Sometimes brand new carpet is installed. Pool tables can be a problem but they can often be moved back and forth on a dolly.  Companies that do carpet repair do this kind of work and many other repairs.

THERE IS ALWAYS A WAY TO MAKE YOUR CARPETS FLAT.  Carpet stretching  is a specialty. It is necessary because of a poor installation in most cases.


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